Bee Removal

We specialize in removing and relocating unwanted bees in Ventura and Santa Barbara County. We are the most affordable bee removal company in the area. Pest control companies often use Toxic chemicals to kill bees which not only hurts the environment but also can lead to rotted wood or drywall. We offer a humane alternative to using poison by removing the live bees and relocating them to farms in Ventura and Ojai. Also, we specialize in removing Africanized aggressive bees which can be a serious threat to your safety if not dealt with properly. Don’t let bees or wasps keep you inside.

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The nucleus colonies for sale consist of at least 3 frames of brood (with a solid pattern), frames of honey and at least 1 frame of pollen. The mating yard is in a secluded area, not next to any commercial apiaries, so the drone population is decently controlled and queens are bred from Italian VSH stock (bought in 2013).

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Equipment sales

Whether you’re just starting out or a veteran beekeeper, we have the gear to keep your bees. Equipment includes lids, bottom boards, deep boxes, foundationless frames, plastic foundation frames and division board feeders.

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If you are a new hive owner, maintenance services can be provided to help your hive thrive. We can provide all the services to take care of your hive or teach you the skills to take care of your hive yourself. A maintenance visit can include:

• Assessment of parasites, viruses pests or pesticides in hive.
• Swarm prevention
• Addition of boxes for honey production
• Honey harvesting
• Re-queen colony
• Colony division to make new hives

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On average between 20-40% colonies die off every year due to a number of different issues that plague bees (pesticides, varroa mites, beetles, nosema, starvation).

Proper care can lower the die off rate to less than 10%.

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